With Plant Consciousness founders & plant spirit healers, Emma & Davyd Farrell

14th September '19

9.30am - 5.30pm

The Barn


Lhergy Cripperty

Union MIlls


Isle of Man

Mugwort - Artemisia Vulgaris - is a wild common native plant with a rich folkloric and medicinal history. Also known as the mother of all herbs and as the ‘first herb’ due to it’s highly effective and beneficial medicinal and magical properties. Mugwort is named after the Greek Goddess Artemis, the daughter of Zeus and the twin sister of Apollo. Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, the moon, childbirth and the wilderness, qualities that are reflected in the healing gifts of the Mugwort plant herself. On the Isle of Man, Mugwort is known as Bollan Bane and is worn on the lapel at the Tynwald Day celebrations.

The principal power of Mugwort is re-alignment. She brings balance into situations and into our psyche. What is in the mind is reflected without and so Mugwort not only works on re-aligning our thought processes, making us more present but this realignment is reflected in our daily life situations. She can assist us in realigning ourself to our true nature and our unique gifts. Whatever is out of balance in our life can be brought back into alignment with Mugwort.

It is commonly known as the dreaming herb due to it's power to bring you effectively into the present moment during the waking state, therefore promoting lucidity within the dream (being consciously aware that you are dreaming while you are in the dream).  It is famous for being one of the ingredients of the witch's flying ointment, can help to improve clairvoyance and is a very protective plant.

During this ceremonial day we will immerse ourselves into the dream of Mugwort by working with her in her many forms - tinctures, tea, essence and oil. We will work with shamanic, plant spirit healing techniques to connect deeply with the conscious intelligence of Mugwort for psycho-spiritual healing. 

Spending time immersed in the world of one plant is not only deeply nourishing at a soul level but it can help us move through issues, conditionings and thought processes that are preventing us from expressing our true authentic self and which are holding us back in life.  It can open us up to the unseen world where we can meet and understand the conscious intelligence of plants.

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Emma & Davyd are the co-founders of the ground-breaking  London event, Plant Consciousness and the online 

They have been working with the conscious intelligence of plants and trees for many years and have trained under Plant Spirit Healer, Pam Montgomery, Medical Herbalist and Plant Diet Initiator, Carole Guyett and Ecuadorian Shaman & Kichwa Elder, Kurikindi.

Emma holds a Master's degree in The Preservation Of Wisdom Culture & The Art Of Liberation in the Buddhist Mahayana tradition, focusing on the transformation of the mind for self-liberation. She wrote her thesis on 'Understanding The Nature Of The Self Through Lucid Dreaming'. Their retreats take attendees deep into the inner realms of nature for healing, awakening , embodiment and consciousness expansion.