We have opportunities for plant related products and services at the event and in the event show guide.

We can only permit advertising and stalls of legal products and services. 

Vendor Stall Package

This is a great option for people or organisations that have products to sell. Typically in the past this has included; herbal medicines, books, CD’s, ethnic jewellery, artist prints and other plant related services.

This event normally attracts around 300-350 people who all have a strong interest in plants, healing and related topics.

This package includes the following;

  • Stall table for the 2 days

  • A guest pass to attend the weekend event

  • Social media shout outs 

  • we also offer the option of an additional weekend programme pass at a 50% discounted rate

Event Guide Advertising

Each year we produce a show guide that includes the following; Event info such as the programme timings, related editorial content and related advertising. This guide is given to each attendee upon arrival. See below to view last year's event guide.


The guide itself is  full colour, A5 and 24 pages in length.

People often take this way from the weekend and use them as a reference point to follow up on post event.


Rates are as follows;

1/4 page - £35

1/2 page - £65

Full page - £108

Back Cover - £145

Scroll through the 2017 Event Guide

These are PDFs of the original printed booklet, you will need a good internet connection to view them.

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