• Emma Farrell

Forming Alliances With Plants & Trees

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Karma means Action.

The Buddhists believe that everything that occurs to us is karma in action: every single action has a cause or point of origin, and there is then a subsequent effect.

Each one of us, in this present moment, is the product or current result of that process.

Every part of us that is experiencing something - the back ache in our physical body or an emotion such as joy or fear - is the result of something that has gone before.

When we view ourselves in this way, we start to understand that there must be points of origin for the things that cause us pain or suffering.

The Buddhists have a word for this: dukkha. To be human is to experience ‘dukkha’ or suffering. However, we can resolve and reverse this process and, in doing so, embark on a remarkable journey that can show us wonderful things about life, who we truly are, and why we are here in these times.

Through our life journey, and indeed the previous incarnations we may have had that constitute our individual consciousness streams, we will have had many experiences - some joyous and resplendent, others of a more traumatic nature. It is the traumatic incidents that leave their marks, causing pain, suffering and even soul loss.

In extreme cases of fright or anxiety, a piece of our soul will leave us and take flight, finding somewhere to hide until it may safely return at a later time when everything is ok again.

We can lose many pieces of ourselves in this way during our lives and some of these may be significant ones. In doing so, we lose the remembrance of who we truly are as a whole being.

In the Taoist tradition, to become enlightened is to become whole and be fully embodied in the moment.

How Toxic States Arise

When we lose pieces of our soul through trauma, we create fractures and spaces within our energetic field. Over time, a fracture can become infected with non-physical energies looking for a home or something to feed on. This, in turn, can lead to dis-ease manifesting as physical or mental illness.