Alder is a tree of balance, with a focus on emotional balance and maturity. Working with the subtle inner water element, Alder helps to restore our strong foundations and overcome the need for validation and recognition outside of ourselves. Alder offers protection while we find our true centre again after being overwhelmed, showing us the watery depths and impulses behind our disturbing emotions. A support for those in leadership roles or those who carry great responsibility. A remedy for psychic attack, lifting us from the depths of despair back into the light.


As the third tree in the Ogham we are reminded of the triple moon or goddess symbology of the maiden, mother and crone, a process of spiritual emergence as well as the wisdom that comes with the sacred numeral of creation, 3. It is recommended to take this essence for at least a full lunar cycle to access the deeper teachings of this mysterious yet noble tree.



Facing difficult and painful emotions, inner child work, sacral chakra imbalance, inability to adapt to new circumstances



Enjoyment, dependability, centred in self, emotional intelligence



Water, brandy (50/50) and the imprint of the consciousness of Alnus glutinosa


30ml stock strength