Oak essence

Our modern lifestyle keeps us disconnected from the earth in many ways and the majority of people do not live embodied or grounded. The strength and grounding quality of our most beloved tree enables us to hold our sovereign space, to be more aware of what is unseen within our personal space and to hold space for others. As the King of Summer the Oak holds the sacred dream of our land and is known as a gateway between worlds, allowing us to journey and meditate knowing we are protected and held within it's noble branches. Oak empowers our own spiritual lineages.



Susceptible to narcissistic energies, spaced out, lack of clarity of thought, disconnected, lost in life



Grounding, inner strength, heightened sensitivity to the unseen, clear sacred space, connection to the otherworld and cosmic consciousness



Water, Brandy (50/50) and the imprint of the consciousness of Quercus robur


30ml stock strength

Oak essence