Part 5 - The Dragon Body

27th & 28th Oct '18


Abbeycwmhir Village Hall, Abbeycwmhir, Powys, LD1 6PH

Open to anyone who has completed the Yew Mysteries Parts 1-4

with Michael Dunning

Part 5 - The Dragon Body

Completion of Part 4 of the Yew Mysteries will lead you to the final stage of Michael’s teachings - The Dragon Body - taking place for the first time in the UK in Wales.

The Dragon Body is the original ‘body’ of a human being. It is not physical in the way that we read the physical world around us. Our senses deepen and become less and less bound to the physical body and it’s patterned responses as we get reconnected over a period of time to an experience of the original body in Spirit - The Dragon Body. At this level the student begins to have a different experience of the function of the Heart as a spiritual organ. This stage represents what I refer to as the Holy Path of the Dragon - a path that takes us into the livingness of what we call Death. This knowledge was preserved within the Yew Mysteries and involves a body of direct teachings from the Shining Ones. Within the Yew Mysteries this is known as the Shining Land of Death.

Part 5 will include an Initiation for all students, guided by the Yew itself. You will be part of the first group of people Initiated into the Yew Mysteries in these lands for hundreds of years. This is a great honour and we will end our training with a celebratory meal together. 


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Cefnllys Yew Circle

Located just outside Llandrindod Wells, this Yew circle sits around a church dedicated to St Michael and within a landscape rich in history and symbology.  Just to the East of the circle is an iron age hill fort, where the Yew Tribe, the Silurians defended their sacred land from invaders. 
There is no road to the church, we will walk across the common to reach it and ascend via an ancient avenue of Hawthorn trees that will lead us up to the 2 cathedral-like Yews at the entrance to the circle. The whole site is almost surrounded by the river Ithon, which also feeds into the sacred waters of Llandrindod Wells.  This site was a power place for our ancestors. 

We will have the opportunity to work with a tincture made of exclusively from the Yew arils and Hawthorn berries of this site, to facilitate bringing the  medicine of this special site within.

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About Michael

Following a sequence of harrowing ‘near-death’ encounters with elemental beings of the ancient Earth that began in Thurso in the far north of Scotland, Michael was drawn to an ancient yew tree close to Edinburgh. For over nine years this immensely powerful female yew restored him to health and initiated him in the teachings of the Yew Mysteries. Michael now lives in the USA. He currently teaches the work of the Yew Mysteries on the east and on the west coast of the continental USA as well as in Canada.

How To Get There

Abbeycwmhir Village Hall
Abbeycwmhir, Powys, LD1 6PH

The morning sessions of each of the training days will take place 15 minutes drive from the Cefnllys Yews, in a secluded valley known for it’s Great Oaks and ancient Yews, where the last true Prince of Wales is buried in the ruins of a twelfth century Cistercian Abbey and which is surrounded by fields, lakes and woodland.


There are plenty of B&Bs in nearby Llandrindod Wells and a couple in the Abbeycwmhir Village.

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