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Healing With The Conscious Intelligence
Of Plants

Plant Consciousness is a philosophy for life. It is a way of living in deeper harmony with nature for physical and mental health, emotional balance, spiritual vitality and the understanding of our individual place in the world. 


Deeper harmony means the realisation that all plants, trees and fungi have a level of consciousness that we can interact with, receive healing and guidance from and with which we can live more conscious and rewarding lives. As humans evolve so does our ability to access deeper aspects of consciousness, we can communicate and start to work co-creatively once again with the higher intelligence of nature. Through partnership with plants in the quantum sphere we can transform our lives and start to live the life we were born for.


This philosophy has been the journey of Emma Fitchett. Through a combination of plant spirit healing, shamanism, geomancy (working with earth energies) and the magical and wisdom traditions of our islands Emma has opened to the multidimensional world of nature and rediscovered through direct experience what the indigenous peoples around the world know, that we are part of nature, not separate from it and that there is a way of living that is more alive, more authentic and more in alignment with the Earth.

Welcome to the world of Plant Consciousness.

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The Guide To Working Shamanically With Plants

From The Co-Founder Of Plant Consciousness



Learn to communicate and work with plant and tree spirits for psycho-spiritual healing, a deeper connection with nature and awakening your eternal spirit.

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