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Emma specialises in deep energetic cleansing of the human energy field to release, remove and re-pattern blockages and toxicities that have a direct influence on disease, illness, mental clarity, emotional balance and spiritual development.

These blockages can be in the form of trapped emotions, toxic cords, psychic debris, wounds from trauma, non-physical entities, curses and many other psychic phenomena originating from and manifesting through ancestral trauma, soul trauma, other people and the environment. 


Working through the quantum field within sacred space Emma performs psychic surgery with the conscious intelligence and technology of our native plants and trees to address the root cause of issues. These types of clearings are life-changing and require the commitment of the client to integrate the healings that have taken place. Emma's work is born out of the shamanic tradition of our own ancient islands, of the Amazon and of the timeless plant spirit wisdom.


You do not need to be present in person to experience the benefit of personal energy field clearing sessions, they are performed remotely. Energies are cleared through the quantum field to support shifts in perspective and the balance of emotions. A willingness to change is fundamental the integration process because we can ultimately only heal ourselves.



Emma can assist with any of the following:



Undiagnosed body pain

Toxic thought patterns

Emotional imbalances

Phobias / Fears / Anxieties


Inability to heal

Feeling stuck in life or with spiritual development

Entity Removal

Post plant medicine trauma

Curses / Hexes

Energy Field Clearings for Children (reduced fee rate) to assist with behavioural and emotional issues.



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Please use the form to enquire about Emma's services.

If you would like a call back simply send a call back request using the same form above and include your telephone number

Alternatively you can email directly at

Emma aims to respond within 24-48 hours




Make sure you schedule your clearing with Emma first before booking your clearing & integration package.



Emma works with embodiment coach, Donna Mariella, together they offer a personalised package of energy field clearing plus integration coaching session.

During a two-hour session with Donna, you will have the opportunity to integrate the changes which have taken place in your energy field into your life in a deeper way.

I honestly feel a dramatic shift after my clearing that it feels like I have had a new lease of life. I have suffered profoundly with what I know to be psychic interferences. I have done so much healing work, partaking in so many circles, practiced so many modalities but this work has cleared so much from my field that it feels like I have my life back.

Svend, Massage Therapist

Svend, Massage Therapist

Since my clearing I have had an entirely different experience of life. In my learning I feel I gained greater insight to myself, but also the collective. All of these aspects of having a deeper relationship with the earth has also created a better relationship with myself. I feel so much more comfortable and natural in being myself. It's so wonderful that all of this feels like it is flowing through me in equilibrium. I really felt like I was struggling so much before, but now I feel so much more at peace. 

Eleanor, Writer & Poet

Since having my clearing with Emma I have felt lighter, clearer, more whole and energised. They are very professional and I felt completely safe and supported during the whole process. The report I got at the end of the healing was incredibly accurate, referring to things that have happened in my life with absolute precision. Integrating this information has been a big healing process for me. I will definately be going back to Emma and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Suzanna, Herbalist

Outstanding work done for our little one (9) who experiences added challenges due to being neurodivergent. Healing impacted instantly on him. It was like a fog was lifted off him and in raw honesty 'me too'. This 'fog' was evident from the first moments of birth. Wonderful to see his face full of light & his unfettered energy increased and flowing naturally. 

Emma, Teacher

With passion and vision Emma has dedicated herself to working with plant consciousness, her work as a healer is exemplary. She is guiding Plant Initiations/Diets and has proven to be impeccable in holding a container for the profoundly deep experience of working ceremonially with plants and trees. I’m so grateful for her commitment to the green beings and how she is bringing plant consciousness forward, guiding us into a new paradigm of health and well being for people and the planet. When you work with Emma either in a healing session or at one of her ceremonies you will come away more whole and inspired to live according to your true essential nature walking your soul’s path.

 - Pam MontgomeryPlant Spirit Healer, Master Herbalist & Author of  Plant Spirit Healing: A Guide to working with Plant Consciousness

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