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Apple Tree Essence

Elements: Air / Water

Planet: Venus

Deities: Venus / Apollo / Mannanan Mac Lir / Man Anna Mac Lir / Zeus


The spirit of the apple tree is the mother aspect of the triple goddess and helps fill the void left by a lack of nurturing in life. She nourishes at a soul level and helps us see how we can move into a new way of ensouled living. Made on a new moon when Venus (divine feminine) was in her home sign of Taurus and Mars (divine masculine) was in its own sign of Aries and empowered by a conjunct with Jupiter, this is a powerful essence that balances our earthy embodiment with divine inspiration. Apple teaches the purity required to enter the realm of the feminine mysteries, the sacred teachings held within the land of Avalon. She is the initiator and the keeper of the wisdom of the feminine Otherworld.


A particularly supportive essence for female healers, teaching how to anchor the skills and magic of healing into personal goddess energies, therefore taking healing abilities to the next level. Blockages revealed will need working through, including inner child issues, however, the insights gained bring great reward.


The 2nd essence in the Venus Pathway collection.



 - Feeling of disconnection

 - Stagnation and fatigue on spiritual path

 - burnt out from life

 - Sexual related trauma

 - Separation from inner divinity


Supportive of:

 - Inner child work

 - Feminine mysteries work

 - Goddess work

 - Soul trauma integration



Water, Brandy (50/50) and the imprint of the consciousness of Malus domestica


30ml stock strength


Apple Tree Essence

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