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Aspects of Self-Mastery Collection

There are times on our path when we need support, guidance and inspiration. Remembering who we are, why we are here and where we’re from can be a challenging process. The path from the head to the heart or awakening our eternal spirit can be strewn with obstacles. This collection of plant spirit essences offers assistance for a variety of inner processes and spiritual practices and can be worked with in any order dependent on your requirement.


Rosemary helps us to remember who we truly are and why we are here, bringing to conscious awareness important past lives which can potentise our path. Made on the illuminating summer solstice, she also helps to awaken body-wisdom and directs us towards the emotions and memories that we are subconsciously still attached to and are therefore influenced by.


Hazel brings connection to the inner sage and the magical power we all possess. It is associated with turning knowledge into wisdom and energy into magic. Hazel is a bridge between worlds, promoting honesty and truth therefore conquering shadow. This sacred tree he;ps us to channel energy effectively and can be a substantial aid to energy healers and shamanic practitioners teaching more subtle intricacies of their work.


Mugwort helps to align us back to our true self and to life purpose. She helps to reveal hidden gifts and aspect of our essence which can help us thrive on our spiritual quest. Mugwort also assists with dream work, particularly lucid dreaming, a powerful practice for spiritual growth. She cleanses and purifies the energy field and therefore the mind, essential for all spiritual practice.


The Yew tree can hold our whole spiritual unfoldment, ensuring we are in alignment with the eternal spirit which it has the power to awaken. This tree teaches about the cyclical nature of life and the renewal process that takes place leading from one life to the next. It also teaches this same process of death and rebirth within the same lifetime, assisting us to move through old patterns and aspects of self that no longer serve our true essence.



Aspects of Self-Mastery Collection

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