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Elder Essence

Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Chakras: Root

Solar System: Mercury, Venus


Elder is the queen of the witches and offers a wise perspective to all situations. In her spirit form she is a psychopomp and can teach us what issues we still have to address within our genealogical lineage in order to die consciously. She identifies deep rooted ancestral blockages and brings them to the surface for clearing, especially those associated with the emotion of fear and hopelessness. Elder helps us understand the spirit realms and the unseen forces, particularly those we may face upon death so that we can clear them in advance. She reveals and removes the detrimental effects of black magic and helps us understand beneficial magic to ground us in our own power and truth.



Unresolvable family issues, challenging life situations, fear of the spirit realms, toxic thoughts


Supportive of:

 - Goddess work

 - Purification practices

 - Psychopomp work

 - Inner alchemy



Water, Brandy (50/50) and the imprint of the consciousness of Sambucus Nigra


30ml stock strength

Elder Essence

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