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Hazel Tree Essence

Element: Air, Water

Solar System: Mercury, Sun

Tarot: High priestess, Moon

Deities: Mannanan Mac Lir, Thor, Danu, Arianrhod


Made on the Summer Solstice, in a tree overlooking the Tor of Glastonbury, this essence is infused with the mythos of the British Isles. Hazel grows inside the palace of the Celtic god of poetry, magic and warriorship, Manannan Mac Lir and is associated with turning knowledge into wisdom and energy into magic. Hazel is a bridge between worlds, promoting honesty and truth therefore conquering shadow. This sacred tree channels energy very effectively and can be a substantial aid to energy healers and shamanic practitioners teaching more subtle intricacies of their work. Hazel focuses intention in alignment with the greatest good of all, ensuring power is not corrupted but infused with wisdom.


Indications: Lack of focus, Monkey mind (combine with Rosemary essence), Unable to speak your truth, Difficulty connecting to higher self, Difficulty connecting to inner sage


Supportive of:

 - Energy Healing

 - Shamanic practices

 - Magical processes



Water, Brandy (50/50) and the imprint of the consciousness of Corylus avellana


30ml stock strength

Hazel Tree Essence

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