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Journeys With Plant Spirits Book

Learn to communicate and work with plant and tree spirits for

psycho-spiritual healing, a deeper connection with nature and awakening your eternal spirit.


In this book Emma outlines how to work shamanically with plants for inner transformation. She details how to create more dynamic protocols with flower and plant essences and how to perform plant diets for a deeper connection with the plant spirits. Part 2 of the book has 13 chapters each dedicated to a different plant spirit.


''A beautifully written and invaluable text for all those called to explore their magical connection to the plant kingdom. Emma Farrell's sensitivity to the inner life of plants shines within her words, empowering readers to discover for themselves transformative healing and a more profound relationship with the natural world.''

~ Philip Carr-Gomm, coauthor of The Druid Plant Oracle

Journeys With Plant Spirits Book

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