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Mugwort Essence

Element: Air, Earth & Fire

Deities: Artemis, Diana

Chakra: Third Eye


Artemisia Vulgaris is the witch’s first herb due to her wide variety of healing gifts on both a physical and metaphysical level. The essence of Mugwort works at the level of the mind and the emotions initially, helping to clear the energy field so the mind is not influenced by toxicity. Through her Earth element Mugwort grounds us in order to bring a strong sense of presence within, which strengthens clairvoyant skills and her fire element illuminates inner visions and dreams. Mugwort aligns us back to our true nature, back to those hidden and unique gifts that we all carry. During this process she offers powerful protection and teaches the initiate how visceral the plant spirits can be on both the inner and external planes.


Indications: Build up of toxic psychic debris in the energy field, Lack of dream recall, Psychic attack


Supportive of:

 - Psychic work

 - Purification practices

 - Lucid dreaming

 - Witchcraft

 - Ritual magic

 - Shadow integration



Water, Brandy (50/50) and the imprint of the consciousness of Artemisia vulgaris


30ml stock strength


Mugwort Essence

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