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Nettle Essence

Element:  Fire

Solar system: Mars, Pluto

Chakra: Sacral


Nettle is one of the most underated gems of our native plant kingdom. The essence of nettle offers us insight into thought and behavioural patterns that are not serving us and then brings the nourishment and strength to overcome them. This in turn strengthens our energetic boundaries and allows us to hold our sovereign space with ease. Nettle instills discipline and is the perfect ally for your meditation practice. Restoring balance and harmony this essence is the perect ally for recuperation.



Exhaustion and fatigue, lack of motivation, foggy mind, difficulty dealing with adverse situations, lack of self-love, lack of self-belief


Supportive of:

 - Bundary setting

 - Inner element work

 - Meditation

 - Core strength



Water, brandy and the imprint of the consciousness of Urtica dioica


30ml stock strength

Nettle Essence

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