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Rose Essence

Element: Water

Planet: Venus

Deities: Venus, Freya, Aphrodite


The spirit of Rose is the goddess herself, the epitome of Venusian qualities. As the highest vibrational flower she carries the most powerful remedy of love and compassion for ourself, a lack of self-love being the underlying cause of so many unresolved issues. Made on the new moon when Venus (divine feminine) was in her home sign of Taurus and Mars (divine masculine) was in its own sign of Aries and empowered by a conjunct with Jupiter, this essence helps balance those energies within and banish unhelpful energies from the aura and sexual energies, clearing the way for sacred sexuality. Lifting out the imprints of old traumas and allowing grief to flow, Rose holds us in graceful love as we release blockages we no longer need. She brings blessings, grace, inner peace, emotional protection and is a powerful psychopomp for the dead and dying.


The 1st essence in the Venus pathway collection.


Indications: Blocked heart chakra, lack of self-love, disconnection from inner divinity, stepping into personal power, toxicity in the energy field, unresolved trauma, lack of confidence, unawakened kundalini


Supportive of:

 - Psychopomp work

 - Death doulas

 - Sacred sexuality

 - Emotional balancing

 - Dream work

 - Heart chakra opening



Water, Brandy (50/50) and the imprint of the consciousness of Rosa damascena


30ml stock strength

Not to be used if pregnant or breast-feeding

Rose Essence

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