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Rosemary Essence

Element: Fire

Solar system: Mercury, Moon, Sun

Chakra: Root, Third Eye


Known for her memory enhancing properties, Rosemary exceeds in this gift when worked with metaphysically and vibrationally. Her exhilarating qualities can stir the most forgotten aspects of the self. Made on the illuminating summer solstice, she helps to awaken body-wisdom and directs us towards the emotions and memories that we are subconsciously still attached to and are therefore influenced by. This process is essential for the flow of intuition. Rosemary expresses her association with Mercury through her affinity with the mind and communication. She is also associated with the moon, with the hidden and illusory depths, the subconscious and therefore our past life memories. Often past-life work is associated with healing the origin of trauma and wounds and while Rosemary can be worked with in this way, she can also attune us back to the lives where we stood in our power and which were joyful and fulfilling, allowing us to awaken or deepen those positive qualities within our current self.


Indications: Lack of inspiration, Creative block, Lack of concentration / Monkey mind (combine with Hazel essence), Nightmares, Vulnerability, Lack of self-belief


Supportive of:

 - Past life healing

 - Meditation

 - Psychic work

 - Dream work



Water, Brandy (50/50) and the imprint of the consciousness of Salvia rosmarinus


30ml stock strength

Rosemary Essence

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