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The Venus Pathway to Higher Consciousness Collection

This collection of essences offers a pathway out of lower density and into the expanded awareness of unconditional love through a journey with 4 plant spirits ruled by the element of water and the planet Venus. This collection supports and catalyses the journey of transformation and spiritual awakening.


In the occult traditions Venus is the higher self or the higher reflection of the Earth, holding all her ideals in qualities of unconditional love, beauty and peace. We too hold these qualities in our higher self, our eternal spirit. Awakening and reconnecting with this aspect of the self on deeper and deeper levels allows us to evolve and frees us from the binds of our old world and moves us into unity consciousness while standing in our own power.


Rose should be worked with first as she helps transform lower vibrations and stagnant energies from the energy field to clear and quiet the mind, allowing us more access to the language of the heart and the impulses from our own higher self. She clears unresoved traumas and helps us process suppressed grief. She encourages love and compassion for ourself as she paves the way for nurturing Apple.


Apple then helps reveal and move through those deep wounds we carry from a lack of love and nurturing in our life, often unresolved mother wounds. She facilitates the healing of the inner child and helps us have more faith in the universal flow of life. Innocence, vibrancy and resilience are required to navigate the spiritual path and Apple draws this from the Otherworld, where all healing and life itself emerges. She is the initiator and the keeper of wisdom of the feminine mysteries and sacred sexuality. She creates fertile ground for the teachings of Foxglove.


We then enter the magical realm of the spirit of Foxglove where life becomes much more magical, however, do bear in mind that she is the keeper of the gateway to the Elven and Faery realms, so will reveal what we still carry in our hearts towards others. Foxglove moves us through blockages preventing us from attaining unconditional love and the non-polarised mind.


The Jupiter of the collection yet still carrying the virtues of Venus, we move into the inner realm of Vervain who potentises, expands and deepens all we have learned so far on our journey. Fostering patience, trust, creativity and purification, Vervain holds all we need to need to call in our most potent magic. Vervain helps us recognise our true potential as organic humans alive at this time in history and helps us step into a new reality.


These essences should be worked with in order as presented for at least a lunar cycle each.


These essences, particularly the Rose essence, should not be used if pregnant or breast-feeding.


The Venus Pathway to Higher Consciousness Collection

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