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Vervain Essence

Element: Water

Solar System: Venus, Jupiter

Deities: Cerridwen, Isis

Chakras: Third eye


Made on Vervain's power day, the summer solstice, this essence works with the magical aspects of Vervain, from purification to manifestation. An aid to any magical and alchemical process, the spirit of Vervain activates the creative forces and weaves the appropriate parts of the web into being. Fostering both patience and trust, Vervain holds all we need to call in our most potent magic. Vervain helps us recognise our true potential as organic humans alive at this time in history.


The 4th essence in the Venus Pathway Collection


Indications: Spiritual stagnation, Loss of direction in life, Disssatisfaction, Irresponsible behaviours, Stress, Lack of trust, Lack of patience, lack of life purpose


Supportive of:

 - Divination

 - Purification practices

 - Creativity

 - Ritual magic

 - Manifestation



Water, Brandy (50/50) and the imprint of the consciousness of Verbena officinalis


30ml stock strength

Vervain Essence

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