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Yew Tree Essence

Element: Water, Air

Solar system: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars

Tarot: Death, World

Celebrations: Ostara, Samhain, Yule


The Yew tree stands as the portal to the Otherworld and the land of the dead. As the last tree in the Ogham alphabet it is connected with life beyond what we term as death. This tree teaches about the cyclical nature of life and the renewal process that takes place leading from one life to the next. It also teaches this same process of death and rebirth within the same lifetime, assisting us to move through old patterns and aspects of self that no longer serve our true essence.


Indications: Disconnection from true self, Fear of death, Unhelpful aspects of self


Supportive of:

Psychopomp work

Death doulas

Shamanic journeys

Shadow integration

Connection to the Elven realm



Water, Brandy (50/50) and the imprint of the consciousness of Taxus baccata


30ml stock strength



Yew Tree Essence

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