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A Teaching From The Spirit Of The Liberty Cap

Updated: May 28

All plant, tree and mushroom spirits have messages and teachings to assist us in our role as guardians of the earth, living in right relationship with all beings. The following is one teaching I received from the sacred medicine of our lands, the Liberty Cap mushroom.

Everything we do has a spiritual impact. Every thought, word and action changes something on the spiritual planes. We do not choose when something does and does not have an effect on our spiritual self or on the astral and etheric levels of existence, it happens whether we are conscious of it or not.

This understanding has the potential to drastically change how we live our lives. Working on the understanding that everything is energy and that energy exists on many frequencies in, upon and around us as physics demonstrates, then when we move energy or when we change it in any way there is a resulting consequence and effect. Put a piece of wood onto a fire and the fire will transform that wood into heat and ash. The heat dissipates into the atmosphere, however, the wood has not disappeared, it exists on another level of existence and in another form, adding to the chemical constituents of the air. The energy which animates the wood, which holds it together as a piece of wood, has shifted frequency thanks to the fire and now holds the energy of the wood within free roaming molecules of chemicals. Energy can not die, it can only be transmuted into another form.

Every object also has an etheric double, a version of itself existent on the subtle energetic realm. Even a chair holds its form by way of a certain frequency or group of frequencies depending on what it is made from.

When out-of-body practitioners project their consciousness into the parallel world, the dimension which exists within or alongside (depending on your perspective) our physical world, they report sometimes seeing a room or a building as it looked many years ago. This is because objects leave energetic impressions in time and space. A mirror left on the wall for many years and then taken down can still be observed as hanging on the wall if we are able to perceive the etheric realms directly. Its energetic double leaves a trace of itself. We can also observe this with a tree stump. Stand peacefully on a tree stump and you will still be able to feel the energy of the tree that once stood there. Its etheric double is still anchored in the physical stump of the tree and the stump is still alive to some degree. Concentrate on your feet and feel the tingle move up through your whole body as your awareness drops into the subtle energy of the tree. The ability to perceive and directly experience the subtle energetic realm is not the preserve of out of body explorers, this skill or ability is the consequence of most spiritual practice and is the domain of many types of healing. Geomancers work with the subtle frequencies of the earth, plant spirit healers work with the unseen soul forces of the plant and cranio sacral therapists work with the biodynamic layers of the human body. We can tune our senses to perceive frequencies and states of being which exist beyond the sight of our physical eyes and therefore can directly experience the result of our actions on the spiritual planes. Yet we can also start by simply considering our actions from this expanded perspective.

For every action there is a reaction and quite often the reaction does not manifest into the physical realm for some time such as when we take a flower essence. The effect is experienced on the emotional and psychospiritual levels first and over time this re-patterning of the energy field filters down into the physical body relieving physical conditions and issues. Whether we think envious thoughts about someone, take a vaccine, synthesise our sacred plants or plant a tree there will be a change and an effect on the spiritual level, whether we are aware of it or not. We are adding to the collective experience of the whole, to the numinous sphere with our actions which resonate through time and through generations. The children of the future currently exist in the spiritual realms until they are able to incarnate. What are we passing to them? What is the consequence of every action we take right now? Our responsibility as guardians and co-creators with free will here on earth is to acknowledge and consider our actions on all multidimensional levels and take responsibility for them. As we forge ahead with scientific ‘progress’ our accountability also needs to develop along side it. Are our actions of body, speech and mind driven by detrimental emotions and the ego or are they in alignment with divine order? Mindfulness of action should take into account spiritual as well as physical wellbeing for both ourself and for all beings seen and unseen.

~ Emma Fitchett MSc

Emma is a plant spirit healer, shamanic teacher and author, her book 'Journeys With Plant Spirits' is published by Inner Traditions / Bear & Co


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