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Apple - The Initiator Into Sacred Sexuality

Updated: 2 days ago

The humble apple tree holds wisdom and teachings well hidden to the modern eye, but slice one crossways and the 5 pointed star, the pentagram, held within its core is the gateway into its esoteric lore.

Malus domestica has only been gracing our isles since the Roman period with Malus sylvestris or Crab Apple being our native variety. Yet whichever type of apple you work with there is the Mother aspect of the triple Goddess as its overarching spirit. The triple Goddess of the Celtic tradition being maiden, mother, crone. The eternal aspect of the apple tree is an expression of the divine feminine of the earth herself.

This mothering aspect teaches how to self-nurture, how to create space for ourselves within busy lives to ensure we are taking care of our needs and our desires at a fundamental level. This can potentially bring to awareness any unresolved inner child issues. As complex beings we sometimes don’t receive the kind of nurturing we need as a child or in some cases have not received nurturing from the Mother at all. This creates patterns of a lack of self-worth and a lack of self-love, two of the most common underlying issues of my clients. Being seen and loved by a divine being such as the apple spirit awakens self-acceptance and can move us into a place of remembering our own divinity. Yet the Goddess of the Apple does not stop there…

Associated with water and the planet Venus, there is a long tradition of Apple being used in magical spells of love and healing. In Norse mythology the golden apple is the symbol of eternal vitality and in our own tradition she is known for her strong affinity with the Otherworld and the feminine mysteries. We can not come into our power unless we are rooted in creative life-force, our sexual energy, free from distortions, traumas or parasitic energies. Free from choosing partners who feed from and take this life-force rather than honour it. As a wisdom keeper and initiator into sacred sexuality, Apple can help balance these energies and bring healing to unresolved wounds and conditioned perspectives or at least bring to conscious awareness the inner work that needs addressing. Never have we needed this level of healing more as ancestral wounds accumulate and lower astral forces take advantage of this sacred space. To be in right relationship with another we need to be in right relationship with oneself, the anima and animus in harmony within. The days should be gone where we mistakenly search for a partner with the qualities we feel we lack ourselves. We are consciously moving into the Aquarian era where bonds are formed from a place of individual sovereignty, rather than co-dependence. We are moving from karmic to dharmic relationship.

The Goddess in the Celtic tradition of the British isles is the embodiment of the true sovereignty of the land. She holds the Venusian and Virgoan qualities of being content and enough within herself, choosing her partner who can energetically match her purity and vibrancy of spirit. Being a truly sovereign being in these times is challenging but apple shows us the areas in our life where we hold this quality and also where we still need to do some work. Healing the inner feminine whether we are born male or female is to honour the divine masculine so that natural magic and higher consciousness can be truly achieved.

~ Emma Fitchett MSc


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